5 Steps To Take Care of Leather Shoes In Monsoon

Are we finished with summer, yet! Not by any means yet it’s generally pleasant to plan well ahead of time.

Today, Neha Kumthekar, from Oceedee shoewear brand, is managing us on the most proficient method to set up our calfskin shoes for the hosing season that is storm.

1: Get normal as you air-dry your shoes

Absolutely always remember to give your shoes a chance to dry normally! Obviously that is at whatever point they get wet, even a tiny piece wet. This is the way to essential cleanliness and to make your shoes keep going for long. Additionally, never commit the error of drying them with a hair dryer or utilizing amazing warmth on your fragile cowhide since it might laugh out loud. Air-dry your shoes actually under a fan at ordinary room temperature for the best result.

leather shoes2: Store them right!

Those exquisite pair of rather costly calfskin shoes that can’t turn out in storms, need mind as well. They ought to be kept comfortable to maintain a strategic distance from dampness from soaking in and bringing on overwhelming harm. On the off chance that you are not utilizing some shoes routinely, make sure to stuff them with daily paper and place them in a substantial fabric pack. Be super watchful as your wooden organizers may likewise ingest dampness in this wet season. To promote maintain a strategic distance from dampness maintenance by cowhide shoes, keep sachets of silica gel or place a dish of pop bicarbonate in your wooden cupboards.

3: Fight the mold!

God preclude! Be that as it may, if at all your shoes do develop organism on them, you don’t have to discard them off right. It’s hard to treat them yet unquestionably not unimaginable! The most obvious opportunity with regards to recuperating them is by cleaning them tenderly with an old toothbrush. In any case, you need to guarantee that nothing is deserted, not even in the littlest hole of the shoe, since it will all become back. So spotless them appropriately and air-dry them normally to stay away from further assaults of the mold.

4: Polish them to a sparkle

Cleaning your shoes keeps up the quality as well as shields it from the dampness. Furthermore, your shoes sparkle high and astonish splendidly that extra to your general look. You may utilize a cowhide conditioner or a costly calfskin shine to recharge the oil in your calfskin shoes. Preferably, one ought to take a little measure of the conditioner on a delicate cotton material and tenderly rub it onto the shoes in roundabout movements.

5: No Damp! No Mud!

Storm is the time when you truly need to deal with your shoes and keep them away any type of moist mud. Absolutely never let mud stay onto your footwear after a stroll in the downpour. The clusters of solidified mud that structure on the shoes subsequent to drying can end up being exhausting for your shoes. Guarantee that you take a forget about and shed any mud before it gets dry.

Rainstorm is the time when you truly need to deal with your shoes and keep them away any type of moist mud. Absolutely never let mud stay onto your footwear after a stroll in the downpour. The clusters of solidified mud that structure on the shoes in the wake of drying can end up being exhausting for your shoes. Guarantee that you take a forget about and shed any mud before it gets dry.

Take after these straightforward hacks and let the downpours not hose your soul. Parade those calfskin shoes without a stress!


Your Perfect Guide To Yoga Clothing

Is your yoga clothing made of spandex, lycra or other engineered fabrics? On the off chance that it is, maybe the general purpose of doing yoga could be crushed, figures planner Shravan Kumar. “The most essential thing in yoga is the act of taking in and breathing out, so it’s crucial to wear attire that permits you to do this best,” he says. Here is a rundown of rules and regulations that you have to take after while picking what to wear while doing yoga.


– Pick simple to-wear, lightweight , normal fabrics

– Wear garments that demonstrations like “skin all alone skin”

– Khadi and material are profoundly suggested fabrics since vitality exchanges are much less demanding.

– Handwoven and natural material is significantly more appropriate for yoga

– Box cuts are ideal over pear cuts since they are more breezy

– Salt washes for your garments are prescribed to expel any terrible energies or emanation


– Don’t go for anything tight, or excessively stretchy

– Refrain from attire with an excess of shading on it — pick shades of white, peach or skin hues over dim shades

Bringing Back Denim Trend – Sonam Kapoor Shows How To Wear It Right

Keep in mind that pair of traditional denim skirt that is prowling in your closet some place? All things considered, it’s a great opportunity to clean it and pair it with a chic shirt – on the grounds that women, denim skirts are back.

Furthermore, actress Sonam Kapoor is giving us the mettle to explore different avenues regarding our old top choice.

sonam kapoorDespite the fact that her denim skirt of decision is more midi than smaller than usual, and a-line and straight and bothered – we absolutely adore how she’s changed an easygoing exemplary into formal wear. A valid example: the apprehended redden pullover, the light summer coat, and those chic heels.

Pondering, how you can join yours into day by day wear? Here’s some Insta motivation to help you respect your old buddy:

1. Wear it with an easygoing white tee and an essential gems

DenimSkirtFor a cleaner look, tuck in that tee.

2. Group it with a printed cotton shirt

denim skirt printed topTry not to have a svelte waistline? Give the tail of that shirt a chance to hang out.

3. Wear denim on denim

denim skirt denim shirtDenim shirt with a denim skirt, yes please!

Stay Stylish This Monsoon – Fashion Must-Haves

The stormy season is a much needed development from the sweltering warmth. Be that as it may, we should likewise plan for the rainstorm with certain closet changes. We approached specialists and fashionistas for proposals on closet essentials. White, a strict no The whites of summer must go to the back of the closet as the most secure shading pick is totally futile amid the downpours. Unless you need a little look a-boo, whites and your sheer fabrics are entirely not prudent amid the storm.

The Brighter, the better

As the climate turns desolate and dull mists assemble in the sky, you might need to reconsider the expansion of fifty shades of grays and blacks. With regards to stocking up your closet with hues, planner Salim Asgarally prescribes splendid hues to supplant your whites and grays. “Splendid and fluorescent hues like lime, fuchsia and turquoise would look great amid this climate. On the off chance that brilliant hues are not some tea, you can choose somewhat quieted tones of peach, cherry and mango,” he includes.

fashion-in-monsoonNo denims, no knitwear

Yes, we realize that it may be chilly outside and you’d need your agreeable weave cardigan, or your solid pair of pants. However, consider how those fabrics will be, once they are wet. Not just do they hold water for more, making you inclined to ailment and hypersensitivities, yet they don’t dry effortlessly either. “With the absence of daylight amid the storm, denims take over two days to dry totally. They’re doubtlessly not useful for your regular wear,” says city-based style creator Pearl Lobo. She includes, “You can keep on wearing your tie “n” color garments from your mid year closet alongside cottons and crepes, yet maintain a strategic distance from polyester.” If you completely should wear your pants, Asgarally recommends going for lighter ones, “Light-weight denims, for example, chambray, can likewise be utilized amid rainstorm. Gooey mix fabrics are perfect as well, as they are light, have a decent hand and dry effectively.”

Office-wear gets an update

With the expulsion of the solid white, beige and cream shirts from your office-wear essentials, supplant them with summery brilliant hues, proposes Pearl. “The lesser the bother the better, with regards to office-wear amid storm. Decide on splendid pencil skirts and group them up with cotton shirts in brilliant hues. On the off chance that you have an addressing and need to tone down your dressing, select pastel hues.”

Hemlines go up

You don’t need your most loved palazzos to skim the filthy surface of the walkway, isn’t that right? At that point pick shorter hemlines, says design devotee Dipali Akolkar, including, “Wear short dresses with the goal that it doesn’t stick to your leg while strolling when the hemline gets wet from the downpour water.” But don’t wear capris or culottes while going for a conference. “Skirts with hemlines achieving mid-length or simply over the knees look more official and complex than capris. What’s more, you can pick pencil pants that achieve your lower legs as they are superior to anything culottes, which are voluminous,” Asgarally finishes up.

Sneakers – An Easy New Trend!

Be it with some shorts, a dress, or even a saree, our glitz dolls appear to have taken a jumping at the chance to teaming their outfits with sneakers. What’s more, we’re not griping! They look totally fab and energetic without losing focuses on the style meter. These are some looks we heart…

sneakers_bollywood_actresseStrong and wonderful

No one but Shruti could have overcame a yield top and skirt with sneakers. Furthermore, the outcome? Dazzling!

The street less taken

A dress with heels would’ve been an easy win, yet look what an announcement Kajal made!

A Desi touch

Saree and sneakers — alternate extremes to be sure. In any case, Lavanya doesn’t overlook anything to take the plunge and how!

sneakersComfort first

The oversised pack, easygoing shorts, and the very polished sneakers. Tammy is easily killing it!

Easygoing chic

Pants and shoes can never turn out badly. Furthermore, Regina includes a glitz touch with a blingy top.

5 Awesome Printed Leggings You Need Right Now

Need an agreeable and a la mode watch that never leaves design? At that point tights are for you. You don’t need to be a sure stature or shape to wear them – you should simply take away your look with certainty. Also, you don’t need to stick to plain old tights, yet can wear them in brilliant, beautiful and eye-getting prints and examples.

Armed force print leggings

Camo-print stockings are back in vogue. They are a definitive as far as solace and style, as you can coordinate them with casuals and coats for various looks.

Leopard print

leopard print leggingsYou can get a striking look with those leopard print tights and you could go semi-formal by blending them with a dressy top and a pretty coat. Your panther print stockings can be made part of a chic troupe with a coat.

Checked leggings

Looked at prints never go of style, and you can wear them whenever of the year. Pair them with nuts and bolts and formals for immensely diverse looks. Actually, don’t keep down with regards to blending conflicting prints either.

Flower prints

Need to accomplish something fun and coquettish with your closet? Jazz things up with flower print tights and give your outfit a windy summer vibe. You can even wear them with a dark tee for an incredible look.

Sequined leggings

SEQUINED LEGGINGSGlitz up your look with sequined leggings. You can keep it straightforward yet tasteful by teaming those stretchy jeans with a plain top, which can give you an immaculate gathering look. Go ultra-formal by tossing a coat in with the general mish-mash.

New Summer Trend : Bare The Shoulders This Summer!


The neighborhood markets and the young ladies’ wardorbes are both overflowed with off-shoulder tops, on account of on-screen characters who’ve set out to exposed those shoulders. For Bollywood performing artists like Shraddha Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Malaika Arora, Athiya Shetty , Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor, this mid year has been the period of uncovering shoulders. Parading off-shoulder tops and dresses at a few events, these marvels have not shied far from flaunting their hot collarbones, a pattern which has now gotten up to speed with Jaipur’s style cognizant part. Aside from the huge brands, neighborhood showcases too are overwhelmed with off-shoulder tops and dresses that are both stylish and in addition simple on the pocket. We addressed the city’s businesspeople to discover what’s making the city young ladies go the off-shoulder way. Sonu Jahmatni, who claims stores at GT Bazaar and Crystal Court Market, says, “More than dresses, off-shoulder tops are much sought after, particularly from the previous one month. We have been offering around 15-20 best each day.” They’re accessible in various plans – from uneven to off-shoulders outfits and dresses in plain and flower prints, to unsettled and twofold shaded off-shoulder tops. They begin from Rs. 475 onwards. “We for the most part get these outfits from Bangkok, China and Mumbai,” he includes.

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Amit Saini, a businessperson at Saraogi Mansion’s Market, says, “Design bloggers have been expounding on this most recent pattern and school young ladies go to my shop to purchase these tops.” Vishal Bhatia, a retailer in Raja Park, says, “Harvests tops are still popular however now, city young ladies are grasping the off-shoulder style. Right now , flower printed off-shoulder finish and those with bows are more well known.”

shraddha off shoulderPriyanka Parashar,a understudy, says, “I as of late bought two off-shoulder tops and a dress. I think they look breathtaking. These tops are all over Instagram and I have seen a considerable measure of Bollywood performers wearing comparable outfits. My pocket doesn’t permit me to wear fashioner ones, yet because of the neighborhood markets who have imitations of such outfits at sensible costs, I’ve possessed the capacity to buy them.” Surbhi Maheshwari, a product engineer, says, “These tops and dresses are impeccable to display your collarbone . I have couple of these in my closet in various hues and they look stunning.”