7 Easy Ways Keep Your Makeup Products Safe During Monsooon

As storm methodologies, it is imperative to keep one’s make-up safe from stickiness and sogginess. Here’s the way. Magnificence master Ishika Taneja, Executive Director, Alps Group, records a couple steps that one can take to protect make-up amid the stormy season.

Store well

As powder-based items rise as your closest companions in blustery climate, demonstrate them your adoration by putting away them well. Put all your powder-based items like minimal face powder, eye shadows and different things in a breezy and dry bureau to keep clamminess far from it.

Re-fixing errand

cosmeticsKeeping the apathy away, make a point to close the spreads and covers of every item firmly after each utilization to not have your items confront the rainstorm air. This anticipates it by getting hosed which may assist influence their quality and results.

Waterproof travel

As we never know of sudden shower shocks amid downpours, utilize a waterproof pack or slip pocket to store the make-up while going in the blustery season.


Other than items, make-up brushes can likewise lose their shape and working capacity if not kept dry and safe amid storm. Make a point to seal the abounds in isolated zip pockets and after that spot in the drawers to avoid dampness and organism at all costs.

Blow dryer to the rescue

Indeed, even in the wake of taking lively precautionary measures, in the event that one coincidentally winds up wetting the items, dry them utilizing a blow dryer to get them back in real life. Yet, avoid trying too hard or doing it too every now and again as it might bring about corrupting the shading and nature of the thing.

Check the condition

Make a point to apply these powder make-up things in the wake of checking their condition, as hosing can blend with ecological microbes and make these items cause contaminations and sensitivity when connected to the skin. So utilize just when dry.

Smell matters

If there should be an occurrence of a foul odor or discolouration in the item, take it as a red flag and dispose of it immediately.


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