Sneakers – An Easy New Trend!

Be it with some shorts, a dress, or even a saree, our glitz dolls appear to have taken a jumping at the chance to teaming their outfits with sneakers. What’s more, we’re not griping! They look totally fab and energetic without losing focuses on the style meter. These are some looks we heart…

sneakers_bollywood_actresseStrong and wonderful

No one but Shruti could have overcame a yield top and skirt with sneakers. Furthermore, the outcome? Dazzling!

The street less taken

A dress with heels would’ve been an easy win, yet look what an announcement Kajal made!

A Desi touch

Saree and sneakers — alternate extremes to be sure. In any case, Lavanya doesn’t overlook anything to take the plunge and how!

sneakersComfort first

The oversised pack, easygoing shorts, and the very polished sneakers. Tammy is easily killing it!

Easygoing chic

Pants and shoes can never turn out badly. Furthermore, Regina includes a glitz touch with a blingy top.


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