How To Lift Brows Naturally

Forget about expensive and painful ways to get a brow transformation. Here are a few simple ways you can lift them.

Eyebrow surgeries have for long been one of the popular plastic surgeries, however, in recent years, cosmetologists and dermatologists believe that instead of going in for invasive therapies, a non-invasive one is perhaps more useful, when it comes to uplifting the brow.

Says dermatologist Dr Sudha Joshi, “There are many treatments available to uplift the eyebrow and keep it in proper shape for years. One does not have to go in for those painful procedures anymore. Further, there are many therapists who advise their clients to practice home-made remedies by which they can lift their brows.”

How to create perfect eyebrows

Keep your face frame in mind

To begin with, one must always keep their face shape in mind. Your eyebrow shape depends on the face structure. Well-kept eyebrows are important to your face because they can be the difference between you looking tired or fresh. The condition of your eyebrows also drastically affects your appearance age.

Clean the area and remove any oils around it

Before you begin, remember to clean your face well using a foam-based cleanser and then pat dry. You can also apply a few dusts of powder so that while you are shaping your brows, it doesn’t slip. In case you think that your face is sweating a lot, you can always use a make-up remover or a toner.

Map your eyebrow

With the help of a sketch pen, number the areas on which you need to work. Make sure that you number them correctly, so while plucking away excess hair, you don’t pluck away the wrong ones.

Balancing is important

Place your middle and fore fingers of your left hand between number one and two. Remember to pull that area as tightly as you can so that the skin doesn’t sag. The tighter you hold the skin, the less pain you will feel, while you are tweezing your brows. Further, remember that number two should fall slightly short of your eye’s natural outer edge.

Be careful when plucking

Dr Joshi says, “Do not touch the bulk of the hair between section one and two. You can keep the area neat, but don’t pluck off the excess, since it can make your brows look naked.” In case you have plucked off any excess hair, dab some powder on it and then colour it using an eye pencil.

Follow the arch method

It is always important to know what shape of brows you want to achieve. However, if you do not know, it is always safe to follow the arch method. Choose a particular bend, then get a curve at number 2 and finally start a downhill slant towards number 3.

After you are done with this, apply some Vaseline on the area so that if there have been any cuts, it gets healed soon. You can also use a few cubes of ice to clear the area of any swelling.


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