Hair Oiling – Yay Or Nay?

Hair oiling is an old custom that most Indian women religiously follow. It’s one of those home cures that are followed by our moms and grandmas. We’ve likewise been informed that oiling is obligatory for thick, sparkly hair, however, does it truly work? Is it worth the monotonous process or is it only an urban myth? Who better to ask, than hair care specialists.

hair oilingGreat or awful?

Dr. KV Harish, Apollo Hospital, Bangalore says, “Oiling your hair is an awesome practice as it shields your locks from the unforgiving climate, warmth and radiation.” According to him, oil goes about as a grease that seals the regular, sound oils discharged from your scalp and protects your hair from the brutal impacts of color, exposure to dirt and sun harm.

What does oiling truly do?

“Oiling is suggested as it works as a cover for your tresses and aides by expanding the rigidity of the hair. It likewise lessens frizz and hair breakage,” includes hair expert, Javeb Habib.

There are various sorts of oils accessible in the business sector that work for various hair types and you have to pick one that works for your hair. Almond oil works for dry hair, and coconut oil chips away at taming friziness. Hair oils can likewise help you detangle your locks and secures them against compelling climate conditions that will undoubtedly harm your hair follicles.

How to apply oil?

“Applying oil doesn’t need to be a long, sumptuous custom. It can be an once in a week schedule.” prompts Dr. Harish. While you could leave the oil on overnight, applying it for 30 minutes before scrubbing down and washing it off also works wonders.

In spite of prevalent thinking, oil doesn’t need to be hot. Simply warm or oil at room temperature works pretty much too. “Utilizing hot oil may infrequently prompt burning the scalp and hurting the roots of your hair, ” he finishes up. There you have it. It would appear that your moms and grandmas were correct!


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