Make-up Tips For Women Over 40

For some individuals, beauty regimen turn out to be precisely – a fixed schedule. You get into a propensity for buying your most loved products, powders, concealers, and so on and applying them in the same way all the time. Yet, sensibly, this routine isn’t going to work for you your whole life! We know for sure that our skin is changing as we age, especially after the age of 40, skin produces less lipids or fats, which prompts drier and rough skin. Moreover, the gravity actually grabs hold, creating our skin to hang as the years go on. Hence, it means you have to change your routine to coordinate with your evolving skin. Here are few tips on the best way to re-assess your skincare routine once you hit 40.

– Blush: One of the basic lesson we’re taught about applying blush is to smile and brush it onto the apples of cheeks. But as we are aging our face begins to go downwards, and subsequently the smiling trick does not work any more. So, apply blush near to your cheekbones and mix it up and back, so it will re-define and enhance your features.

aishwarya rai– Eyebrows: Eyebrows have a tendency to get more slender as you get more older. If you don’t fill them up with a pencil or brow powder, it can leave your face more washed out and makes you look more aged – simply ensure that you get the shade right! Blondes, pick something nearer to your roots, and in case you have silver or white hair, pick a delicate grey tone. Brush your brows up and then bring the shading through the curve.

– Lipsticks: Keep away from dark lipsticks and glosses. While the color looks engaging in the tube, it basically enhance wrinkles and lines around your mouth. Unless you have dull skin or stout lineless lips, discard the dark shades.

– Mascara: Mascara can also bring the attention to the fine lines and dark circles around your eyes. Abstain from wearing it on your lower lashes, since it makes your eyes look more older and highlights the under eye wrinkles.

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Sometimes when you attempt to look younger, it backfires and makes you look more older than you are. Enhance your looks now and cherish what you have!


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