Make-Up Tips For Girls With Glasses From Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore asserts her best tip for improving eyes under glasses is applying deliberately set eyeliner.

The 38-year-old star prompted fans to apply a liberal measure of eyeliner on the internal lashline to make eyes seem greater and their color “pop”.

makeup with glassesShe clarified: “The first one is a tip a make-up expert taught me that I completely love and I really apply it in my own life. I take an eyeliner and I begin on the waterline of my eyes, which just gives some decent profundity of shading and makes my green eyes pop.

“What truly works for ladies in glasses is the upper waterline, particularly the corners, you need to drag it the distance around up top. When I’ve done this, by the end of the day I return home and I can’t believe how much greater my eyes look!”

She said: “Another tip is to take a liquid liner and give yourself a minor little cat flick, begin at the external corner of the eye. It gives the hallucination that individuals are currently inspecting your eyes. It’s truly [visually] eye-catching.”

Drew then generously connected mascara, stressing how imperative the base lashes are.

She included: “You need the lashes to tickle the glasses, anything that expands your lashes. Ensure you never forget those base lashes, my God what a difference those make!”


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