9 Factors That Are Making Your Skin Dry And Flaky

Your skin could be dry and flaky as a result of various reasons.

1. You utilize items that sometimes fall short for you. So, if the climate is sticky and your skin is dry, recheck what you’re utilizing.

beauty tips2. You utilize cleanser all over. Most cleansers are antacid in nature (barring syndet bars like Dove and Cetaphil), and tend to dry the skin. Face washes are less drying, unless they are implied for oily skin. A decent cleanser ought not make your skin feel stretchy or dry for 5 to 10 minutes subsequent after washing.

3. You utilize toners and astringents. These can dry your skin, regardless of the possibility that they are alcohol free.

4. You utilize moisturizers that has retinoids or AHAs.

5. You have dermatitis or skin inflammation.

6. You are too much exposed to the sun and/or pollution.

7. You have solar dermatitis-a type of sun sensitivity that begins as dry skin on the uncovered zones.

8. You are experiencing inner problems like a lack of essential nutrients (particularly B vitamins or protein), thyroid, diabetes and so forth.

9. You are taking medications for high BP, cholesterol, or skin inflammation.

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