6 Mistakes You Make While Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a genuine shelter for us today in our quick paced lives, yet too much of anything is bad! Ensure you splash the dry shampoo accurately onto your hair. Have a look at the most widely recognized mistakes people make today when using their dry shampoo.

1. Getting excessively close
To circulate the dry shampoo uniformly, make a point to spray it around 6 inches far from your roots.

dry shampoo2. Utilizing more than you ought to
At the point when your hair is sleek, spray some dry shampoo to make it look revived and dry. Unreasonable dry shampoo on your hair will dull and stain it. Shower a little initially, hold up a while and afterward spray some more if necessary.

3. Spraying on the wrong section
Regardless of the fact that you have not shampooed your hair since a while, you should just spray the dry shampoo to the top couple inches. In all likeliness, the bottom portion of your hair would not be excessively oily, so applying more spray would just make your hair hardened.

4. Not massaging it after application
After you splash the dry shampoo, utilize your fingertips to back rub it into your roots and scalp for best results.

5. Instantly rubbing it after spraying
When you spray the dry shampoo, give the product time to work into your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before you back rub, brush or comb it.

6. Utilizing it consistently
On the off chance that you utilize dry shampoo in the middle of washes frequently, it could be more unsafe than you might think. The build-up residue can obstruct your follicles. Attempt and limit the times you spray it in between your washes to allow your scalp to relax.


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