Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Pool Party Makeup

Summer heat means cold summer pool parties! And when we talk about parties, you need to look awesome. This summer, look totally stunning in your attractive summer dress or your swimming outfit by choosing simply the right kind of cosmetics for an impeccable Pool Party look.

pool party makeupHere are some easy makeup tips to look in trendy and put your best face forward for the next pool party. Considering the summer heat, you would without a doubt not have any desire to wear layers of makeup. So you should simply…

– Get a waterproof concealer that conceals your dark circles & fine lines.

– Utilize a sweat proof primer underneath your makeup that will lessen the sweat that shows up all over your face.

– Avoid foundation! All you need is a decent CC cream with SPF for that party. The CC cream will give you foundation effect and the SPF will shield your skin from the sun. You can re-apply it simply like you would any Sunscreen when you are out in the sun for longer time.

– For your eyes, use a waterproof pencil that is useful for both, under the eyes kajal and eyeliner.

– Attempt smooth eyeshadows that has an enduring effect compared to that powder base eyeshadows for a humid climate.

– There are a lot of waterproof mascaras in the market that could be your most appropriate option for a pool party for long time effect.

– Bronzers are best during day time parties. For that sun kissed look, get a water-safe bronzer.

– For lips, utilize a 24 hour stay lip color that will ensure you don’t need to stress over reapplying your lipstick.

That is it ladies… You are all prepared and decked up to enjoy the next big pool party of this season!


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