7 Reasons Why You Get Dark Circles

You get enough rest however despite everything you end up with irritating dark circles. For all you know possibly your sleep pattern is not to be blamed! Here are few reasons why the region under your eyes is not at its best.

1. Your parents passed you bad genes. It could be genetic! Attempt to follow your family tree and on the off chance that you spot it in other relatives then that could be the reason.

2. Eczema could be driving you to rub.While skin inflammation itself may not prompt the dark circles, the consistent rubbing and tingling surely can.

3. Hypersensitivities can make your skin itchy. Since the skin on our eyelid and under-eye territory is a portion of the most slender part in your body, it might bring about those swollen veins to seem darker than whatever remains of the face. So treat your allergies or hypersensitivities now!

dark circles4. Make up could be bringing on the dark circles. In case you’re utilizing a product, whether it’s a mascara, eye shadow, or much concealer that bugs your skin, it could prompt worse circles.

5. Your bone structure could be the reason. Now and again if you have profound set eyes the shadows can cast this darkness yet it is no sort of pigmentation.

6. Your veins could give you a blue tint. In the event that your eye range seems blue, your veins could be the one to fault. Blue veins make the skin seem darker.

7. You are not shielding yourself from the sun. Keep in mind that the sun can harms your under eyes. Don’t venture out without your shades and always use a SPF.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Launched L’Oreal Paris’ Infallible Cannes 2016 Collection

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Tuesday (April 26) dispatched L’Oreal Paris’ Infallible Cannes 2016 Collection as both praised critical turning points – the cosmetic brand finishing 19 years of being a make-up partner to the most prestigious occasion in global cinema, while the actress marked 15 years of reprenting India at the Festival De Cannes.

aishwarya-rai-bachchan-loreal-paris-cannes-2016Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said,“It is an absolute privilege to represent L’Oreal Paris and India in particular, at a platform that honours world cinema and beauty in equal measure. 15 years with Cannes have gone by in a flash and the journey has been immensely humbling and beautiful. I’ve treasured every moment at Cannes and I’m ever so thankful to L’Oreal Paris, members of the Indian and World media, my well-wishers and my family for always making this such a memorable experience. I’m looking forward to now creating some Infallible moments at the French Riviera with my L’Oreal family of amazing make up technicians and my co-ambassadors.”

In an evening devoted to charm and style, the actress disclosed her signature look for the great occasion. L’Oreal Paris likewise declared that Aishwarya Rai would be going to the occasion on May 13 and 14, while Sonam Kapoor would be present on May 15 and 16.

Image Courtesy: Filmyfilmy.com

Best Compact Foundations For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, there is a possibility that you skilled yourself a minimal establishment! It is an outright guardian angel for the young lady on-the-go as it gives awesome sun protection, stunning scope, keeps that humiliating oily sheen and gives your skin a flawless and brilliant touch. With regards to purchasing one, we need to ensure that you settle for the best. We’ve consented a list of 9 of the best compact foundations for oily skin. Don’t hesitate to take your pick, ladies!

1. Lotus Pure Radiance SPF 15 Compact

lotus-compactIf you have delicate and oily skin, you need to give this minimal foundation a shot! It guarantees to give full scope and gives your skin an immaculate and even-toned appearance. It contains a unique oil-engrossing formula that once applied, effortlessly mixes with your skin. Not to overlook that it additionally shields your skin from the harmful beams of the sun!

Price: Rs 295.


2. Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact

lakme-compactLakme 9 To 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact comes in a cute round case which incorporates a mirror and a soft powder puff. It contains an exceptional oil retaining formula that is in charge of giving your skin a brilliant and matte completion.

Price: Rs 375.

3. L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder

loreal-compactAt its cost, this mysterious squeezed powder is a take! While it keeps your makeup crisp throughout the day, it additionally gives SPF assurance from the UV rays of the sun. It has likewise an exceptional mineral formula that absorbs sebum, and consequently, gives your skin a characteristic brilliant gleam. Also exactly how charming the pink bundling looks!

Price: Rs 399.


4. Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder

revlon-compactRevlon, as a brand, is known for its great quality items. Their moisturizing powder is a great example. It gives great scope, keeps the skin new, and comes a decent quality powder puff! All ideal for giving your skin an impeccable touch!

Price: Rs 490.

5. Maybelline New York Fit Me Pressed Powder

maybelline-fit-powderMaybelline pressed powder compact is really no other! It sets makeup and leaves your skin with a smoother composition. It doesn’t look cakey and is ideal for both oily and sensitive skin. Pick it up, we say! It will be a choice that you will love.

Price: Rs 475.


6. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake Foundation


Another Maybelline wonder, the magnificence of this item is it can be utilized both as a settling powder when dry, and as liquid foundation when wet. For daily wear, this product is an unquestionable requirement to have! It protects your skin from the sun, avoids cakey formation, saps the oiliness and remains on your skin for a decent amount of time as well!

Price: Rs 550.

7. Faces Glam On Pressed Powder

faces-compactThis pressed powder is light on the skin and keeps it oil-free for quite a long time! After applying, you will see that it gives your skin complete coverage and levels out the skin tone. It is the ideal item for busy young lady.

Price: Rs 599.


8. Colorbar Triple Act Compact

colorbar-compactOne of the principle reasons this compact foundation is a win is because once applied, it actually adjusts to your skin’s color and texture. It really contains UV filters that shield your skin from the sun and minimizes the size of your pores also. It’s oil-free, lightweight and contains moisturizing advantages! What more would you be able to request, isn’t that so?

Price: Rs 725.


9. L’oreal Paris Infallible 24H Powder Foundation

loreal-powder-foundation-compactRegardless of how oily your skin turns into, this compact foundation is known to give natural look. It’s ideal for every day wear, and has exactly the intended effect on any skin type. This excellent product is genuinely a decent investment!

Price: Rs 1,250.

Buy now at Nykaa.com

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Aqua Blue & Aqua Green : Wear Stunning New Colours This Summer

Not all hues are perfect with regards to sprucing up for the summer heat. Great shades of white are the go-to shades, yet an expert has expressed that cool aqua green and blue shades like classic blue, turquoise and sea green/blue are exquisite colors for summer dressing.

Fashion experts says these hues “look great & appealing in summer”.

aqua blue dressTossing more light on the hues and styling, here are a couple of tips you can utilize:

– Soft exquisite pastel shades of pink like strawberry ice, rose, tints of pink, yellow and green look splendid and wonderful for summer dressing. They are all complimenting colors that truly liven up and light up any event.

– White is an adaptable summer color. Wearing white in this hot season remains a staple look and is a pattern that will stay in for long. There is no shading more new and fresh than white. At the point when worn from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-affect look. The all-white can be teamed upward with splendid boho accessories in cool shades of blue and turquoise.

– The great white cotton top, shirt or tunic is the ideal summer staple alongside denims (both skinny or boot cut with less flare is truly in design this season). This can be collaborated with classy yet tasteful tan shoes and a bag.

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– Alternately, white bottoms, for example, long or short or denim skirts, wide leg culottes, flowy palazzos, skinny jeans can be collaborated with pastel or splendid shaded tops or tunics. Tops in shades and prints of blue can likewise be paired with white which brings down for the ideal cool windy summer look.

– Fabrics, cuts, styles can be utilized as a part of various hues. It’s essential to dress for your body sort. Key is to keep your look basic and disorder free, despite the fact that it can be amusing to play with colors and various patterns in this season.

– Fabrics like cotton, viscose, rayon crepe, flex or material surface are well-suited, while cuts, for example, free and flowy, square shaped, nitty gritty stitches – high low, scalloped – would go pretty well for this season.

– Traditional outlines like ikat, tie and color, block print add style to your clothes.

Image courtesy: Hindustantimes.com

Hair Oiling – Yay Or Nay?

Hair oiling is an old custom that most Indian women religiously follow. It’s one of those home cures that are followed by our moms and grandmas. We’ve likewise been informed that oiling is obligatory for thick, sparkly hair, however, does it truly work? Is it worth the monotonous process or is it only an urban myth? Who better to ask, than hair care specialists.

hair oilingGreat or awful?

Dr. KV Harish, Apollo Hospital, Bangalore says, “Oiling your hair is an awesome practice as it shields your locks from the unforgiving climate, warmth and radiation.” According to him, oil goes about as a grease that seals the regular, sound oils discharged from your scalp and protects your hair from the brutal impacts of color, exposure to dirt and sun harm.

What does oiling truly do?

“Oiling is suggested as it works as a cover for your tresses and aides by expanding the rigidity of the hair. It likewise lessens frizz and hair breakage,” includes hair expert, Javeb Habib.

There are various sorts of oils accessible in the business sector that work for various hair types and you have to pick one that works for your hair. Almond oil works for dry hair, and coconut oil chips away at taming friziness. Hair oils can likewise help you detangle your locks and secures them against compelling climate conditions that will undoubtedly harm your hair follicles.

How to apply oil?

“Applying oil doesn’t need to be a long, sumptuous custom. It can be an once in a week schedule.” prompts Dr. Harish. While you could leave the oil on overnight, applying it for 30 minutes before scrubbing down and washing it off also works wonders.

In spite of prevalent thinking, oil doesn’t need to be hot. Simply warm or oil at room temperature works pretty much too. “Utilizing hot oil may infrequently prompt burning the scalp and hurting the roots of your hair, ” he finishes up. There you have it. It would appear that your moms and grandmas were correct!

6 Pretty Tricks For A Bad Hair Day

Bad hair days – we as a whole are acquainted with the term very well, and it has a specific level of disappointment and irritation attached to it. Without a doubt, there are days you mystically wake up to hair that looks decent with least exertion, but what about the days you don’t? Have a look at some straightforward things you can do to look glam on those days when your hair just won’t behave…

1. Dry shampoo to the salvage

dry shampooThe essential use of dry shampoo is to soak the slickness of hair on days when you have no time or tolerance to shampoo it. Another extraordinary use of this product is to add texture to your tresses. On days when you have bad hair days, it’s dry shampoo that can act as a hero. Hair gets fresher, tame and easily manageable to spritzing it and can be styled significantly more effectively.

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2. Braids

braidTo cover up uncontrollable hair in a cutesy side braid is both simple and stylish. Abstain from utilizing a hairbrush or brush – rather, run your fingers through your hair, make a side partition, and make a free side braid. Pulling the braid from either side makes it seem more voluminous and attractive. Likewise, unwashed hair holds braids much better. To make it look easy & stylish, pull out little bit of your hair from the sides, over your ears, and let them fall freely.

3. Bun-tastic

bun hairtstyleTucking every one of those uncontrollable strands of hair in a bun is likely the most straightforward method for handling a messy hair day. Utilizing dry shampoo before you begin to style your hair makes the procedure simpler. Tease your crown for some volume on top if you don’t need it to look excessively smooth. You can use an elastic band and make a high or a low bun, whichever you like. Give a couple strands a chance to free or use a hairband to give it an up-to-date twist – and nobody will ever know you’re having a bad hair day.

4. Pin-up young lady

hair pin upAnother hairdo that can be turned to on a day when your hair won’t be forgiving towards you is the pin-up. Messy, uncontrollable hair can be twisted from the front, and stuck up, piece by piece. The hair left hanging can be kept as it seems to be, or tied into a pig tail or even be tied up in a bun. Try not to worry over using excessive pins. Each unmanageable hair strand can be set up, and stuck up to secure it.

5. Rock the band

hair bandHair bands come in various designs and can include a great deal of style and dramatization to your look on a bad hair day! Be it a printed one, or one with a sensational blossom on one side, or a bow – they look charming and really add to your look of the day. A lovely hairband will detract from the uncontrollability of your hair, women! Guarantee not to push your hair back too firmly with the headband, as that tends to harm the roots. Push your the band back and afterward pull it somewhat nearer to your temple to give it a slight bump. This will give your hair a more full, more healthier look.

6. Scarfs up

hair scarfWhen all else falls flat – simply cover it up, women! There are scarves with botanical prints, checks, bright sprinkles, decorations, and there are cotton ones, and silk ones, and glossy silk ones, and even khaadi ones – a horde of in vogue scarves to choose from! Pair these up with a cool pair of sunglasses and you’re set for the runway as well! You can basically cover that head and tie the scarf at the base, or you can even make a lovely bow on top or in favor of your head. Time to go scarf shopping!

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Maybelline Colossal Kajal Super Black Review

We all remember our first ever makeup product that led us to the whole new world of makeup and it is none other that a Kajal! Ever since i started using it , it became a part of my daily routine. Kajals can never go wrong on indian skin tone. I apply kajal daily because it makes me complete. So, today I will review a new launch – Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal. It is 2 times black than the usual one! Let’s check out how good the product is!

Maybelline Colossal Super Black KajalProduct Description:

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Super Black – It gives you a 2X blacker look in one smooth stroke that stays intense for up to 16 hours! With light absorbing pigments, the formula delivers 2 times more blackness* for double the intensity. Enriched with oil for super smooth application, it glides on effortlessly, adding a rich, glossy sheen color that stays waterproof and smudgeproof for up to 16 hours.

Here’s why you’ll love it:
– 2X Blacker* and Bolder
– 16 Hour Intense.
– Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

Price: Rs. 300/- for 0.35g

My Review of Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal:

Maybelline’s Colossal is one of the best Kajals that are available in India. I am excited about this new kajal. It surely looks attractive and nice. The genuine Kajal arrives in a dark turn up pencil form with yellow package. It is quite travel-friendly but they have expanded their cost from 175 to 300 and I truly don’t comprehend the explanation for it as it is only darker than the older one.

New & exciting thing about this Kajal is the intensity of the shade. It is a super dark with matte composition. It gives a profound dark black shade with 1 stroke. It is amazingly pigmented and one stroke gives a pleasant dark shade. I simply require two strokes for the accurate super dark shading. It can light up my appearance and makes my eyes marvelously dark. This is the real dark shade that each Indian need in their kajal.

It has an exceptionally smooth delicate surface which coasts effectively on eyes furthermore on the water line. There is no stretching while application. It is so natural to apply and it goes easily without irritation. It has beautiful matte composition which adds more strength to my eyes. It looks simply flawless on my eyes and is so natural to make a thick or flimsy line with this.

Maybelline Colossal Super Black KajalIt goes effectively and gives an extremely perfect and clean look. Since, it is a matte Kajal, it dries out rapidly so you have to work quick with it. In any case, this is not an enormous issue. It accompanies a smudge proof and water proof formula. It stays even in the wake of washing my face. This is a genuine decent quality Kajal by Maybelline.

It says that it is a 16H Kajal, which sounds so astonishing; and it really stays long on my eyes. Yes, it smears a little at the external corner of my eyes yet that happens after 8hrs. It stays pleasantly on my water line and after 10hrs it blurs little, however certainly not messy. It is a decent water proof and smear proof kajal as I would like to think and I can use it on an alternate premise with my faces magnet eyes kohl.

Pros of Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal:

  • Intense & Super black matte finish
  • Waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Soft and creamy texture.
  • Long lasting
  • Travel-friendly package
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens users

Cons of Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal:

  • Pricey compared to others
  • Does not stay upto 16H

Rating: 4.7/5

Purchase link: http://www.maybelline.co.in

Conclusion: Give this product a shot, it will make you very happy; after all we all love bold black eyes.